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Otago Campus Sound Walk

August 11, 2010

Water of Leith, University of Otago (photo by Mark McGuire)

On Monday morning, 26 July, I took DESi 436 and SCOM 407 students out on a 17 min. 45 sec. sound walk around the University of Otago campus. Afterwords, many commented on the many different sources of white noise that masked quieter, high-pitched sounds. You can hear the complete recording below, along with 10 second examples of sources of white noise at four different locations along the route. These include the Water of Leith at the St David Street and Union Street bridges, a street crossing on Cumberland Street, and an exhaust fan behind the Student Union building. This exercise draws on the literature and examples that are mentioned on an earlier post about acoustic ecology and soundscapes.

University of Otago Campus Sound Walk 26 July (17 min 35 sec.)

St David Street Bridge clip (10 sec.)

Cumberland Street Crossing clip (10 sec.)

Exhaust Fan Outside Student Union clip (10 sec.)

Union Street Bridge clip (10 sec.)

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