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Embedding Audio and Video


Although you can embed audio and video files that are uploaded to your WordPress account, you must purchase audio and video upgrades to do so. However, it is easy (and free) to upload your file to one of the many audio and video hosting sites and then embed and play the file through your WordPress post or page. is a good option for audio. Soundcloud has several options for sharing your work on multiple social platforms, and over 100 iPhone Apps. This hosting service also also allows for private links to files that you do not want to be publicly visible and accessible. To embed an audio file with the Soundcloud player, simply copy the url of the file in Soundcloud and paste it into your WordPress post or page.

Because of the ease with which third party urls can embed video into WordPress, another popular option is to simply make a video format of your audio with a title screen or some stills. Saving your file in mpg format seems to result in solid audio/video quality when flv are created by the video sites listed below.


To embed videos uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube, copy the video’s URL from your web browser’s address bar while viewing the video and paste it on a line by itself in your WordPress post or page. WordPress Support explains this simple process for both YouTube and Vimeo and explains the slightly more involved process for embedding video from DailyMotion and GoogleVideo.

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